The United States Will Accept Up To 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees, White House Says

Ukrainian refugees from 2022, crossing into Poland” by Міністерство внутрішніх справ України is licensed under CC BY 4.0.

On Thursday morning, President Biden announced that the United States will house up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees fleeing their home country.  This comes as the situation in Ukraine is seemingly becoming more calamitous by the day, with nearly 1,000 Ukrainian civilians having been killed in the conflict.


In a fact sheet released by the White House on Thursday, it was announced that the United States will now be taking in up to 100,000 displaced Ukrainians. 


“While we expect many Ukrainians will choose to remain in Europe close to family and their homes in Ukraine, today, the United States is announcing plans to welcome up to 100,000 Ukrainians and others fleeing Russia’s aggression through the full range of legal pathways, including the U.S. Refugee Admissions Programs,” per the document. 


The fact sheet further outlines the additional support that the United States will provide to Ukraine in the form of humanitarian aid, funding for Ukrainians who have already fled the country, and a commitment to holding Russia accountable for its war crimes.


The humanitarian support includes $1 billion in aid to those affected in Ukraine.  “This funding will provide food, shelter, clean water, medical supplies and other forms of assistance.  We are also announcing an additional $320 million in democracy and human rights funding to Ukraine and its neighbors,” per the White House announcement.


As of yesterday, a reported 3.6 million Ukrainian refugees have fled their homeland to surrounding countries, according to BBC.  BBC further reports that about 6.5 million people have been displaced across the war-ridden country – the worst European refugee crisis since World War II. 


President Biden was in Brussels on Thursday, meeting with NATO allies to discuss the ongoing crisis.  In addition to the Biden administration’s announcement that it would be ramping up its efforts to support Ukraine, Biden and other world leaders made several other declarations at the NATO summit. 


For one, as Russia has seemingly expressed openness towards using chemical weapons in its war with Ukraine, President Biden emphasized that such an action by Russia would “trigger a response in kind” from the United States and its allies in the West. 


Additionally, the United States and a bevy of its allies announced that they will be imposing new sanctions on Russian politicians and corporations.  Specifically, these sanctions will affect over 300 members of the Russian Duma, as well as over 40 defense companies based out of Russia.


At the NATO Summit, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced that the organization’s members will commit additional military resources – including weapons, jets, and other equipment – to Ukraine and countries located in Eastern Europe. 


The war in Ukraine began over a month ago when Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered “peacekeeping troops” into the Eastern Ukrainian regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.  Just a few days later, Russia initiated an all-out assault on its neighbor to the west, infiltrating Ukraine from multiple entry points. 


In the month ensuing Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine, both sides have incurred immense damage.  As mentioned earlier, Ukraine has seen nearly a thousand civilian casualties, and many more soldiers have died.  Moreover, due to Russia’s incessant bombing and shelling of Ukraine, billions of dollars worth of property has been damaged.


On Russia’s side, recent reports indicate that possibly in excess of 15,000 soldiers have died in combat.  A sizable number of these soldiers are conscripts, frequently unaware of why they are being stationed in Russia. 


During these difficult times, continue to pray for safety and comfort for all of those located in Ukraine.

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